General FAQs

Is StartKit right for my business?

Quality websites at an affordable price. Simple right? The WebKit templates are designed to target each industries intended audience,  all having themes of consistency and fluidity.

We have worked with a range of clients from entrepreneurs starting their next project, to the largest Healthcare agencies in Australia.

What makes StartKit different?

StartKit offers what many other local agencies can’t – a professional website solution at a cost-effective price. We will provide your business with a fully developed captivating, modern and user-friendly WordPress website under $4,000. On top of that, we’ll do it within 3 weeks of receiving your content.

Which StartKit should I use?

One of the benefits of StartKit is that each of our kits are versatile. With the right images, colours and content, almost all WebKits can be used across a range of industries and different business situations.

Is my website being created by someone locally?

Yes! Your website will be developed by StartKit’s Australian team. Situated many feet off the ground, our developers in the beautiful Central Park, on St Georges Terrace, will build your business’ new site.

What if I want something a little more snazzy?

We can dress your site up (or down) depending on your requirements! We have 100+ pre-built elements and access to thousands of fonts, images and other visuals that can make your design stand out.

I have no idea how to update a website, can you help me?

Once your StartKit is launched, we’ll provide you with video tutorials that show you how to make changes to text, images and else. WordPress is one of the easiest CMS out there so no stress!

How do I contact StartKit?

Contacting StartKit is super duper easy, much like our web development process. All you need to do is fill out the form here or email and one of our team members will be in touch with you soon.

Content FAQs

Do I provide my own content?

Yes. StartKit will design the layout and structure of the text provided by you.

If you have photos that you would like to add to the site, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s also great. We provide our customers with unlimited access to Unsplash, Twenty20 and Pexels stock images, with an additional 5 images from iStock’s signature range. We will guide you through the process, don’t worry!

Will you change my content?

Any website that just tosses text into spaces without thought isn’t optimised for people or Google hence we may need to make tweaks here and there. Usability, headlines, visual composition and more are all things we’ll take into consideration while building each page. If we feel major text changes are necessary, we will speak to you about quote before going ahead.

We’re not good at writing content. What do we do?

We get it, you’re a business person who is best at doing the do, and the do doesn’t involve writing reader-friendly text for your website. Good thing, the experienced team at StartKit are able to help with content development for an additional fee.

Branding FAQs

We’re just starting up and don’t have a brand. What do you need from us?

A brand is much more than a name. We need logo, colours and even positioning. We’ll be able to gather the later from discussion but a good idea of the best approach forward.

Can you make me a logo?

We sure can! Our StartKit team consists of web devs, graphic designers, copywriters through to marketing specialist who can support your business with several solutions including logo design. Our logo design starts at $500 and increases depending on change requests.

I don’t have a brand identity yet, can you help me develop this?

We would love to! A website is crucial to a business’ success and so is its brand. StartKit comes from Start Digital, a full-suite digital agency in Perth who deliver comprehensive and leading branding solutions.

We want print brochures, signage and more...

Always best to have consistency between digital and traditional assets including email letterheads, business cards and else. StartKit was developed by the talented team at Start Digital meaning we’ve got you covered for all things digital and marketing related. Speak to our team at for more information about additional services and their respective fees.

Design FAQs

Won’t our site look like many others?

And that’s the best part about StartKit! Although a 1000 different businesses could use the same template, because of the original nature of each business, the final website will be unique. (Just like all 500sm2 houses with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen don’t look the same!) Adding your business’ colours, content, messaging and visuals to any WebKit equals a custom, unique website for your business.

Can we choose bits and pieces from different StartKits?

Yes, you can – our StartKits can be mixed and matched!

We want to incorporate some custom design. Is that possible?

Our base StartKit involves using pre-built designs, however, you’re not limited to only using that. For an additional fee, we can add custom elements and pages. Get in touch with our team to go over the scope of work and additional costs.

Domain FAQs

Does my WebKit include a domain?

You provide us with your domain if you have one.

Where can I buy a domain from?

You can find and buy available domains on GoDaddy or Crazy Domains. On average, a domain costs around $20 per year.

Will I need to transfer our domain to you?

Yes, but don’t worry about that now! Once we get the ball rolling on your new website, one of our developers will be in touch for all the necessary details.

eCommerce FAQs

Can you make an eCommerce website?

Yes! StartKit offers three solutions – landing page, standard site and eCommerce WebKits. Our eCommerce WebKit is $7,000 and comprises 5 pages with 10 products.

How long will it take to build my eCommerce website?

Adding the eCommerce functionality will delay delivery of the website by 1 or 2 weeks. You can expect your eCommerce WebKit within a month of providing approval and content.

What if we have more than 10 products?

Our eCommerce WebKit involves 10 products, but we can add more products for an additional cost. Speak with the team for a fixed price!

Hosting FAQs

What is website hosting?

Ok, so to start at the basics, if you don’t have a host web server, you don’t have a website. If you do have a site then you have a server that will need regular patches and tweaks to make sure it’s up to date. Following along?

Will my site come with hosting?

Yes, your WebKit comes with 6-months of free hosting. Our robust, rapid and local servers (in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) include weekly backups and on-going upgrades, boosting your site’s overall performance.

What is the cost of pricing after 6 months of hosting?

StartKit provides 6 months of free hosting on rapid and robust local servers. Before the end of this 6-month period, we will notify you to request if you want to continue hosting your site on our servers before charging any additional fees. If you’re uncertain about how best to manage your site hosting, please drop us a line – we’re here to help!

Can you host our business emails?

Our WebKit solution doesn’t include email hosting. We can, however, for an additional fee provide this solution.

Additional Features FAQs

What additional features can be added to our site?

We can integrate and if necessary, build a range of additional features including chatbots, contact forms, meeting calendars, language translations. Speak to our team about the additional costs involved and estimated timelines for delivery. All additional fees must be signed-off before we start meaning you’ll never be surprised, or worse, shocked by what is done. (Or charged for!)

We need our site to have accessibility tools. Can you integrate this?

We sure can! Our developers can integrate accessibility features such as modifying text size and changing contrast, for an additional cost.

Can my site have a language translator?

Yes! For an additional fee, we can integrate a language translator on your new website.


I want my website to rank highly on Google, how do I achieve this?

Our StarKits include homepage optimisation but to rank high and consistently on Google’s SERP, you’ll want to go that next level. Our agency provides data-driven and proven SEO solutions to businesses across Australia. Speak to our SEO specialists at to get the ball rolling.

Will my site be fast?

We develop each of our WebKits in alignment with Google-friendly practices but don’t expect it to be as fast as Usain Bolt. If your business requires additional performance optimisation, talk to our team!

We want you to write the content because we need to rank. Can you?

Our base package involves your business providing the content. However, we can for an additional fee, develop optimised content that will support your business in rising up Google’s SERPs. Contact our team to chat through the costs associated.

Will our existing rankings decline because of this revamp?

A new website, if designed and developed right, will bring about many benefits. One of the drawbacks to a new website are temporary changes to search visibility as Google goes about crawling and reindexing this new site. Your rankings may drop but will return to normal within a couple of weeks.

Pricing FAQs

What's The Payment Conditions?

We request a staged percentage payment of 50% upon commencement of design and development work and 50% upon the launch of the site. We are happy for negotiate a payment plan if this is required.

Will There Be Any Additional Costs?

Will that depends on what you want for your site! We can guarantee, however, that there will be no hidden costs. We quote for our WebKits before commencing development so there’s no scope creep or shock when your invoice arrives. We’re honest and transparent, committed to making websites a good asset and process to your business.

What Are The Prices for Additional Features?

Additional features range in price depending on the function’s complexity. Contact our team for a formal quote on the scope of work needed.

How Can I Get Started?

Are you interested in building your own website or learning more about StartKit? Get in touch with the StartKit team here.

Post-Launch FAQs

Can I keep updating my site?

Of course! Once we hand over the site, it’s yours to change and modify however you like. We can provide support if you don’t have the ability or capacity to make changes. Contact our team at to get the ball rolling. 

I have no idea how to update a website, can you help me?

A comprehensive post-launch training video will be provided on how you can update and manage site content. (Heads up, the processes are very simple!)